Outside The City EP

Release Date : September 27, 2018
Artist : Josh Gilbert Band
Catalog ref. : Josh Gilbert Band
Format : Digital Download

‘Outside The City’ is a re-release of a former ‘Josh Gilbert’ project, under Band name, ‘Josh Gilbert Band’. It’s a collaborative effort with long-time bandmates in order to better reflect new genre direction for Josh & Josh Gilbert Band as an Artist, and include updated producer and band recording information. The message behind ‘Outside The City’ is about how we can get caught up in our own structure and schedules, and sometimes in life circumstances and change can provide opportunity to gain a new perspective. The song “Sweet Little Place”, is about staying together as a family, even when times get tough — a real story about taking risks and challenges in life as a family unit — and no matter where life takes you, we’ve always got a sweet little place together that we call ‘home’.