Hey everyone! I have been in the studio all summer long, recording instruments, as well as first run of vocals for a host of new Music I will be releasing, starting this Fall in 2018!   The process began really when I first moved to Florida middle of last summer, and helped my friend, Alex, who owns the Studio & Production Company I work for!  The Company is called Ekballo Productions, which has a studio facility called ‘E – Studio’, located in Winter Garden, FL!  Ekballo Productions is part business and part ministry, having a heart to help facilitate, coach and gather people who want to create Music and Media that honors God.

For more about E Studio, and about Ekballo Productions, visit:  www.ekballoproductions.com

I have been honored to take part in not only producing my own music, but several other local Artists as well, and expanding this year to include regional Artists and a handful of Live Productions!

Here is also a quick link to a video update:

I will be posting more updates about the New Music I am releasing soon, so stay tuned!!!

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